Vera Jewelry: "The Jewelry of the Stars in Miami" according to international media

Vera Jewelry: "The Jewelry of the Stars in Miami" according to international media

In various press releases, especially from countries like Peru and Venezuela, we have been recognized as a jewelry store that stands out for creating high-quality jewelry with exclusive designs and providing exceptional customer service. This reputation has attracted celebrities and influential individuals who seek us out and visit our stores to acquire their exclusive pieces.

For over 30 years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that every person who walks into one of our four stores leaves with a unique piece of jewelry. We combine traditional jewelry craftsmanship, which includes repair services and custom orders, with the latest market trends. Additionally, we embrace cutting-edge laser technology to cater to the preferences of each customer.


la joyeria de los famosos en miami

Vera Jewelry is regularly frequented by music and film artists, as we have established strong relationships with them. We have gained recognition through their association, as we are sponsors of the cinema and theater industry. Our spectacular designs and expert advice on the finest jewelry have successfully captivated audiences in Miami and several countries. Our facilities meet the highest standards and are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Our exclusive custom designs have been worn by many internationally acclaimed artists, turning them into exclusive clients of our brand and further expanding recommendations for the excellent work they have received.


vera joyeria en miami

Vera Jewelry is always active in the media and has supported many artists in the entertainment industry by lending their jewelry for various projects.

Currently, this exclusive jewelry store in Miami is an official sponsor of several films in Miami and Colombia, supporting the arts.

joyas con diseños unicos

Their high-quality designs, with 100% guaranteed gold, captivate customers every day, making them the number one jewelry store in Miami. Their spectacular designs are the perfect element to make their followers shine.

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