Jewelry Restoration and Instore repairs

We offer in-store repair and restoration services, so you'll never have to worry about your personal belongings being misplaced, damaged, or stolen.


All jewelry is fixed inside our store, for more than 30 years we offered the best client assistance. It is our objective to consistently convey 100% customer fulfillment.
We deal with ring measuring, patching of every valuable metal, all pearl stone substitution, copy adornments pieces, etc. All adornments pieces are painstakingly treated and get their own unique consideration with regards to adjusting them.


Jewelry has an implicit sorcery in each piece we wear and own. During that time gems pieces have become extraordinary legacies that we give wistful worth and want to pass to our friends and family from one age to another to come. To accomplish this, gems pieces must be dealt with cautiously and effectively to apply the correct parts and materials. We can assist you with updating your unique piece, reestablishing it such that we will protect the part or parts that you are attempting to keep initially. We will likewise help you make it present day and prepared for people in the future.