Vera - Of Latin Origin means "True, Fair".

With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry business, we pride ourselves on having excellent quality jewelry. We specialize in "Cuban Link" jewelry as it is an integral part of our Hispanic heritage. We also have a large selection of diamond engagement rings that we can adjust to your liking.

Our mission is to provide unrivaled pieces of jewelry and to give customers an unimaginable customer experience. We are a family run business providing excellence in two different locations today in Miami, FL. After immigrating from Cuba a little over 18 years ago, we wanted to bring our experience in the world of Jewelry to South Florida. Since then, we have also launched a successful store via the Internet, so that today we can offer high-quality products to anyone, anywhere in the world. The success of jewelry stores is based on personal relationships and a good reputation. From this principle we have been very successful. We treat our clients like gold and in return for that, our clients refer us to their families and friends. Our name means "Truth", a concept of great value in the jewelry industry.